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58 mandis of state connect with National Agriculture Market

Bhopal. To ensure that farmers of the state get the right price for their produce, 58 krishi upaj mandis have been connected with “e-NAM” trading portal. Farmers can sell their agricultural produce through this system. While on the one hand the information concerned with the trader who makes the bid is kept secret, the farmer also gets the benefit of the competition among the traders on the other hand. Another benefit is that traders of other Mandi areas and out of the Mandi area can directly make the bid of gins on the e-NAM portal. This enables farmers to get benefits of local market besides outside markets.

National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) is a PAN India electronic trading portal which is a good medium of current Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti for construction of an integrated national market for agriculture related produce. e-NAM portal is capable of providing single window services for information and services related to all krishi upaj mandi samitis. Inflow and prices of agriculture produce in Mandi premises, purchase and sale of trade proposals, provisions of responses to trade proposals have also been included along with other services under this scheme.

e-NAM portal was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April-2016. It was started with pilot project in Pandit Lakshminarayan Sharma Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti Karond, Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. By connecting to National Agriculture Market, any krishi upaj mandi can participate in the National Business Network. When the farmers bring their produce to the mandi for sale at local level, they have the alternative to sell their produce to traders from other states also through internet along with local traders.

Work is in progress to connect e-NAM portal with weights and measures. One thing special about the portal is that the payment of produce sold by the farmers is deposited in their accounts the same day. As many as 15 krishi mandis of Bhopal division, 9 mandis of Indore division,12 of Ujjain division, 6 of Gwalior division, 5 of Sagar division, 9 of Jabalpur division and 2 mandis of Rewa division have been connected to the National Agriculture Market.