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60 projects of Rs 1610 crore in smart city complete

Bhopal. As many as 60 projects worth Rs 1610 crore in 7 cities of the state selected under Smart City Project have been completed. At present 139 projects worth Rs 2498 crore are in progress. Urban Development and Housing Minister Maya Singh has instructed to complete all the projects within the time limit and ensure quality standards.

Minister said that area-based development and Pan-city schemes are being implemented in selected cities of the country. Seven cities of the state, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, Sagar and Satna have been selected in the form of smart cities in three phases. In these cities, work of about Rs 20 thousand crore is proposed to be undertaken in 5 years on which work is in progress.

She told that three cities including Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur have been selected in the first phase of 2015. In these cities, 28 projects worth Rs 96.91 crore have been completed and work on 46 projects worth Rs 455.43 crores is in progress. Similarly, 16 projects worth Rs 1207 crore have been completed in Bhopal Smart City and work on 22 projects worth Rs 478 crore is in progress. In Jabalpur Smart City, 11 projects worth Rs 287 crore have been completed and work on 30 projects worth Rs 377 crore is in progress.

In the second phase of 2016, Ujjain and Gwalior have been selected. In this 5 projects worth Rs 19 crore have been completed in Ujjain Smart City while 17 projects worth Rs 155 crores are in progress. In Smart City Gwalior, 21 projects worth Rs 530 crores are in progress and will be completed in the prescribed time limit.

In the third phase of 2017, Sagar and Satna city have been selected. In Smart City Sagar, 27 projects worth Rs 1735 crore have been prepared in which 2 works worth Rs 46 crore are in progress. Similarly, in Smart City Satna, 27 projects worth Rs 1438 crore have been prepared out of which work on one project worth Rs 51 lakh has begun. The remaining works will soon begin.