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80-year-old farmer Athhilal yearly income is Rs 4 lakh

Katni. Athhilal Kushwaha, a resident of Majhgavan in Katni district is still growing vegetables on his land at 80 years of age. For this he is taking all benefits of government schemes. He is earning Rs 4 lakh yearly through vegetable production.

Athhilal is currently growing lay finger, peas, chilly, cabbage and capsicum. He has constructed a shade net house under Protected Farming Scheme on one acre in his field. For this he received a grant amount of Rs 14 lakh 20 thousand from the Horticulture Department. Along with shade net house, they are also making use of mulching and drip irrigation for improved production.

He is receiving 100 times more benefit from using mulching and drip irrigation. Drip irrigation saves water and mulching also helps in controlling weeds. Now work of four hours can be finished in one hour. A batter is made through drip and pesticides are easily sprayed on plants thus saving labour.