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A person’s honour is social approval of his accomplishment

Bhopal. Tthe honour of a person by the society is the social approval of accomplishment. This brings happiness in the person to do better and inspire others. The work done by the society and the government together is the basis of the progress of the state and the country. Every individual’s support is must for the efforts of the government. The country has achieved great heights under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was addressing the Madhya Pradesh Ratna Alankaran Samaroha organized on the occasion of Madhya Pradesh Press Club Rajat Jayanti. 

CM said that it is believed that the journalist’s view is critical as it brings shortcomings to light. Apart from the irregularities, the good works and positive efforts being made in the society should also be brought to light. He lauded the initiative taken to felicitate the state’s talents by the Madhya Pradesh Press Club. He conferred personalities with Pradesh Ratna Alankaran.

Gitamaneeshi Mahamandleshwar Swami Gyananandji Maharaj said that the one who can distribute capacities is honourable. On the Samudra-Badal prasang, he said the ocean collects water in itself, hence it remains sour. Clouds pull the water from the ocean and return it in the form of rain, hence become a boon of nature. He said that in Indian culture dedication, talent and knowledge is considered more respectable than any position. He said that the need of the hour is the realization of responsibilities.