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Accident Response System implemented

The Accident Response System has been implemented by the Public Health and Family Welfare Department to save life of people in case of epidemic and major accidents. Emergency 108 Services has been made more effective and better by the department under the system.

Minister for Public Helath and Family Welfare Rustam Singh has informed that under the system all the District Collectors and Superintendents of Police of the state will be informed through SMS from the 108 Call Centre in case of epidemic and major accident at local and district level. Timely necessary medical arrangements could be made at local level after receiving the information. It will help saving life by providing medical treatment on time.

He further informed that 60 kinds of accidents (Emergency Cases) have been classified on the basis of calls received at 108 Call Centers. On this basis and keeping in view the seriousness of accident and required time limit, immediate efforts will be made to tackle epidemic and major accident with coordination of local administration.