Bureaucracy / ब्यूरोक्रेसी

Administrative Services Are Commitment towards Public Welfare

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that administrative services are commitment of life towards public welfare. It is an opportunity to change the fate of the state and country. This is not a profession but mission. Officers should perform their duties with determination and passion to implement programmes of the state government. He urged the officers to always display their best. Create new milestones of public welfare with their works. Chouhan was addressing the three day service meet of I.A.S. Officers Association at R.C.V.P. Naronha Administration and Management Academy.

CM Chouhan said that this kind of programmes provides opportunities to think new. Moreover, it provides new energy to intelligence leaving aside routine work. Informal meetings give seniors and juniors’ an opportunity to exchange views, which is must to work as a team successfully. Chouhan said that limit of informalities should be adhered to. He said that cases of violation of decorum will be taken seriously.

Further, Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh holds place among the best bureaucracy in the country. Credit for remarkable agriculture growth rate, leading growth rate and successful implementation of schemes like Ladli Laxmi Yojna goes to the employees and officers of the state. He said that all the responsibilities of administrative services are important. There is a need to face challenge with positive approach. People working against public and nation’s interest will be strictly dealt with. There is no need for pity and sympathy. CM Chouhan said that officers should work for public welfare with full capabilities and agility. Adopt zero tolerance towards corruption. Honour those who fight with injustice. Culprits should be punished and innocent should not be harassed.

Moreover, Chouhan said that it should also be considered that unnecessary delay should not be caused in public welfare works and decisions. He said that the administrative service is the work to rebuild a state. Without getting affected by success or unsuccess, accept challenges. Work continuously with patience. Do not fly high being successful and do not hide face in case of failure. CM Chouhan mentioned that lot of work has been carried out in the field of education and health and still more efforts are needed. Tourism sector holds importance for employment opportunities and new tourism world can be created in the state. He congratulated tourism department for developing Hanuvantiya as the best tourism center. He further mentioned that Narmada Seva yatra is going to become world’ biggest social movement for environment conservation. People of every section, community and organizations are coming forward to protect environment. Ninety percent farmers living besides the banks of River Narmada have taken pledge for plantation till the 6th day of Narmada Yatra. New environment is created in the state for environment conservation with the people’s cooperation.

Chief Secretary B.P. Singh threw light on the structure of the meet. He said that things said at the right time are always good. Cultural and amusement activities during the meet eliminate hesitation among the officers and develop understanding. Moreover, it increases mutual respect and affection.

President of Association R.S. Julaniya said that new aspects and talents of personality emerged during the three day meet. New relations develop in the environment of casual cooperation and mutuality.

Vote of thanks was given by the Vice President Sanjay Shukla. Programme was conducted by Nitesh Vyas. Director General of Academy Kanchan Jain, Retired and serving I.A.S. Officers were present on the occasion. After the programme, CM Shri Chouhan met I.A.S. sub-divisional officers of 2014 batch and gave them guidance.