Apple Ber is being sold with Patel Agriculture Farm’s Trade mark

Bhopal. Farmers are being encouraged in Madhya Pradesh to grow horticulture crops along with the traditional crops. Hukum Singh, the farmer of village Bhagwatpura of Makdon Tappe of Ujjain district has earned handsome profit by growing horticulture crop on his farm.

Hukum Singh holds 200 bigha land. He used to grow traditional crops like soybean, wheat and gram on his agriculture land. Hukum Singh had grown variety of apple ber on his two and half bigha land besides traditional crops last year. This variety of ber of Thailand has a shape and taste like apple. He decided to sell ber of unique taste in packaging under the brand name this time. His brand received a good response in Indore and Bhopal as well. His brand “Patel Krishi Farm’ has also established its image in the surrounding mandis of Ujjain due to the good taste. Situation has become such that whenever ber load reaches mandis, its get sold immediately.

Hukum Singh says that this variety of ber is being purchased in the market at the rate of Rs. 35 to 40 per k.g. He has used bare minimum chemical fertliser in the ber crop. Conducting new experiments, he has also grown kaghzi lemon on 7 bigha and custard apple on 5 bigha land. He says that the officers of the Horticulture department have given him the technical guidance to grow fruits, which has become fruitful to increase the income.