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Awareness for road safety essential

Bhopal. Traffic management is becoming the need of the hour. Reducing road accident is becoming a major challenge. Everyone will have to make combined efforts to reduce accidents. The figures of deaths in road accidents in Madhya Pradesh are a cause for concern and for this awareness is essential. Additional Director General of Police PTRI and Traffic Vijay Kataria said during a seminar on “Road Safety and Traffic Management at Police Training and Research Institute. Officers from Additional Superintendents of Police to Deputy Inspector level engaged in traffic duty all over the state were present in the seminar. Nodal officers of Madhya Pradesh Road Safety Implementation Committee took part in the seminar.

President of Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) Dr. Rohit Baluja said that according to the figures maximum deaths in road accidents have been reported of people in the 18-35 age group. The youth can be given knowledge of rules and regulations and made aware to prevent road accidents. He said that there are other reasons also for road accidents. In this the role of traffic engineers is important for road techniques. He said that pedestrians are also a major problem as they come in the middle of the road during green light. Also the vehicles crossing lanes is a violation of rules. Also driving in fast pace in the night also causes accidents.

Over loading and talking on mobile phones in two wheelers while driving invites road accidents. As per rules, those driving four-wheelers should put on seat belts. At least those sitting on the front seats should put on seat belts to prevent deaths in road accidents. He also termed construction work being a cause for road accident. For this the construction agency should install necessary sign boards. Forty per cent drivers use high beam (upper light) at night in the cities which also becomes a cause for accidents. This knowledge is must in the people. Signage and signal should be visible.

Chief Operating Officer of United Spirits Limited Prathamesh Mishra gave different cause for road accidents and said that road accidents are caused due to drunken driving. Navdeep Mehram proposed the vote of thanks.