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British delegation lauds Gauravi centre for legal, medical counselling

A British delegation which visited Madhya Pradesh recently has described Gauravi Centre for legal, medical and counseling help to women in the state as effective and lauded the state government for it.
The One-stop Crisis Centre Gauravi was inaugurated on the premises of district hospital (Jaiprakash Hospital) in June last year. The centre is extending assistance to violence-affected women. About 6000 women have obtained services from the centre so far. The delegation was informed that a decision has already been taken to open 7 more such centres. 
Public Health & Family Welfare Department has doubled the amount given for food to patients and expanded free transport facility thus fulfilling requirement of large portion of population. Following start of cancer treatment facility in the state, about 4000 patients have been registered. 
Training has also been imparted to doctors for cancer treatment. Large number of patients are getting free medicines in OPDs. Free treatment has been started for patients suffering from blood diseases. Facilities have been specially increased for thalassemia and hoemophilia patients. 
Treatment facilities for diabetics, blood pressure and heart and kidney patients have been improved in district hospitals. Free treatment is being provided annually to about 50 lakh BPL families. More effective services are being made available to people through guarantee of 18 services.