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Brothers including Bhopal lawyer killed due to property dispute


Bhopal: Bodies of Naveen Agrawal, lawyer from Bhopal and his businessmen brother Sudhir Agrawal were found in Hoshangabad district on Thursday. The brothers, abducted on May 23, were reportedly killed over property dispute.

The matter came to light following arrest of one Nikhil Tiwari by Indore crime branch. Tiwari, whose vehicle was used for transporting the bodies of Agrawal brothers from Harda to Hoshangabad, led the police to the bodies that were found burnt and disfigured.

A 28 acre land plot in Mohanpur, Harda district that was purchased by the brothers about six months ago, became the reason of murder, police said. A part of the land was in dispute with accused Jagdish Rajput. Rajput’s son Shakti Singh was reportedly the one who plotted the murders of the brothers.

The accused have been arrested. They had hired musclemen from Indore to beat up Agrawal brothers and five of their associated who went to Mohanpur of Harda on May 23 to claim their land.

The brothers succumbed to the grievous assault. Their bodies were later taken to Bandarkhoh of Hoshangabad, where their clothes burnt and faces disfigured.