Crime / क्राइम

Centre’s Ordinance to give capital punishment is historic

Bhopal. The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan while giving his reaction on the ordinance approved by the union cabinet to give capital punishment to convicts for raping girls below 12 years of age, has described it as historic decision. He has also expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union cabinet for this strong decision. He said that initiative was also taken on this sensitive issue by Madhya Pradesh. Bill was passed in the last assembly session, in which a provision was made for death penalty in case of rape with girl below 12 years of age.

Further mentioned that human rights are meant only for humans. Monsters do not have rights. Such monsters that play with the dignity of girls have no right to live. He stated that the decision taken by the union government will create a sense of fear in the criminals. They will think many times before committing such crime. Such strict steps were required for the safety of girls. It will have wide impact.

Expresses grief over Indore Incident - Expressing grief over the heinous incident of Indore, Chouhan in context to the union government’ ordinance, said that it will be easy to take decision for death penalty to convicts. This case will be heard in the fast track court by considering it as sensitive. Death penalty to the convict will be ensured at the earliest.

It may be mentioned that on the initiative of the Chief Minister, the bill has been sent by Madhya Pradesh for President’s approval after passing the penal law (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill -2017. Stringent punitive provisions have also been made in the bill. According to the provisions, capital punishment will be awarded to convict for committing rape with girl up to 12 years of age or minimum 14 years rigorous imprisonment. Similarly, death penalty or rigorous imprisonment of 20 years will be awarded in case of one or more convicts. Three years imprisonment and penalty will be imposed against committing crime by deceiving in the name of marriage. 3 years imprisonment and penalty will be imposed in case of first time stalking and up to 7 years imprisonment in case of second time stalking besides Rs. one lakh fine. Imprisonment of 3 up to 7 years in case of stripping for the first time and will be a non-bailable offence. Provision of imprisonment of 10 years besides Rs. One lakh penalty has been made in the bill of Madhya Pradesh.