changes made in Hamidia administration

Bhopal. Essential managerial changes have been made in Hamidia Hospital to improve efficient management and working capacity. Under this several significant works have been started which includes arrangement of security and sanitation, posting of staff in wards and departments, CMO night patrolling system, nursing staff duty, duty roster display, installation of HMIS software etc.

The security system of Hamidia Hospital has been entrusted with a central government agency which has greatly improved vehicular traffic in the hospital premises. Entry forms are being issued to attendants of patients admitted in various wards in the hospital which has helped reduce unnecessary crowd in the wards. Superintendents are personally conducting inspection of the hospital. Medical officers are available 24x7 in three shifts in the emergency department. Nurses are being deployed on permanent duty under department heads. Duty roster of staff nurses and Class III and IV employees have been displayed in all wards at prominent spots.

Due to manual work in the hospital earlier, there was difficulty in mutual adjustment which affected the work of the department. A hospital management system has been set up in the hospital. This helps in maintaining transparency in treating patients coming to the hospital. Medicines and other items available in the Kendriya Aushadhi Bhandar are being distributed online in all wards.

Number of sanitation workers, security employees, ward boys and employees has been increased as per need in the hospital. For this a foolproof monitoring system has been made in which officers and supervisors have been posted in different levels. Along with this S.O.P.’s have been made in proportion to the work area with which various arrangements are being controlled.