Children’s painting competition held at Raj Bhavan

Bhopal. The Governor Anandiben Patel inaugurated children’s painting competition by making picture on canvas at Raj Bhavan. While sharing some moments of her school days with the children, She said that when they used to go to school, no such competitions were held. We just went to school and study hard, teachers used to scold us if we did not do well in the studies. A big change has come in the education field today, she added.

Along with the education, the government should also pay attention on other activities. This will provide an opportunity to students to showcase and refine their talents. She further mentioned that we should seek such children, who want to move ahead and wish to learn any other skill besides education. This effort will prove beneficial for the children of poor families. We should promote such children by organizing competitions in government schools.

Moreover, Patel stated that unique efforts are being started by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this connection. A letter stating that 50 guests will accompany the Prime Minister is sent by the Prime Minister’s Office before he goes to attend the programme of any University. These guests are students of 8, 9 and 10th class. They will see big building and degrees, which will motivate them in moving forward. The Governor said that children should be taken for visit of hospitals, industries and jail etc. This will help in developing curiosity among them.