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Chouhan shares his vision of a prosperous Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that after changing Madhya Pradesh from a Bimaru to a developing state, we will turn it into a prosperous state from a developed one. He shared his vision of a prosperous Madhya Pradesh with senior administrative officers at Mantralaya.

Chouhan issued instructions to prepare roadmap for a prosperous Madhya Pradesh in all prominent areas. He said that the roadmap of issues like electricity, water, road and infrastructure is ready and much progress has been made in these areas. The challenge of production in the agriculture sector is nearly over. The focus should now be on issues like quality of production, food processing, export and doubling income. There is need also to pay attention to the export of agriculture produce for other countries so that farmers are benefitted.

The Chief Minister said that employment creation is a big and challenging task. More job opportunities must be made available in proportion to the number of educated youth. On his vision related to Sambal Yojana, Chouhan said that the poor have the right on resources and they must get it. This is the joint responsibility of all. He said that by encouraging women self-help groups, poverty can be controlled.

CM Chouhan told all the senior officials that everything that has taken place so far in the making of Madhya Pradesh, is remarkable and will have a positive outcome. Now the dream of a prosperous Madhya Pradesh is just a step away. He said that the officials must make use of their talents and experience to prepare the roadmap of a prosperous Madhya Pradesh. He told them not to restrict themselves to the schemes of their individual departments. He said that they must present a complete vision. He told them to shed the traditional thinking of working by depending on departmental budget, instead they should look for additional sources of income and create new resources through creative efforts and move ahead. A creative outlook and commitment works better than dependence on budget.