Collectors of Districts Situated on Narmada Banks Should give Report on Narmada Mission Activities

Bhopal. Chief MinisterShivraj Singh Chouhan reviewed the activities of the departments in detail, which are implementing the activities of the Narmada Seva Mission. He gave instructions to the departments that they must give a report constantly as regard to the progress in this matter. Chouhan directed the collectors of the districts situated on the banks of Narmada river to send a report consisting of the activities of their respective district so that the obstacles could be redressed on time.

While reviewing the activities of the Agriculture department, Chouhan said that speed should be accelerated in the work of farmers groups, made to encourage the organic farming. Reviewing the condition of the saplings planted under the agro-forestry, he said that there is a need for constant monitoring to protect the saplings. People should get complete information in this connection.

While reviewing the activities of Urban Development department CM said that they should pay full attention on installation of garbage bins, construction of changing rooms, immersion kunds and mukti dhams besides sewage treatment projects. Moreover, he gave instructions to give consistent speed to the campaign being conducted to make Madhya Pradesh an addiction free state. He mentioned that there is a need to accelerate the speed to the de-addiction campaign specially in the villages situated on the banks of river Narmada.

It was informed in the meeting that 2 mobile toilets have been given to each civic body. In addition to this, 21 sewage prevention projects have been completed. Other works are being carried out rapidly. Saplings of fruit bearing trees have been planted by the Horticulture department. Bio-Gas plants are being installed.

Moreover, it was informed in the meeting that contaminated water from 11 industries has been stopped from releasing into the Narmada. Electricity producing units are being set up in the districts, situated on the banks of River Narmada under the solid waste management system. Indicators, that show the health of Narmada river have already been prepared by the Science and Technology department.