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Computerisation of Tribal Department’s schemes

Bhopal. The Tribal Affairs Department has launched an app for profile registration of beneficiaries in the state. This app has been launched under Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System.

By using this app, the persons belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe can get their profiles registered through their mobiles to avail the benefits of the departmental schemes easily. Akansha Yojana is being run for coaching of tribal students for admission in national level institutions like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, CLAT etc. To avail the benefits of this scheme, eligible students can apply online. This process will begin online from August 18, 2018. Beneficiary students can get their registrations online after computerization of the schemes and will be able to avail benefits of the schemes without wasting any time in paper formalities and in visiting offices.

A notification has been published in the Madhya Pradesh Tribal and Scheduled Caste Cadre (Service and Recruitment) Rules, 2018 Gazette of August 8, 2018 for the merger of the teachers posted department’s educational institutions of the Tribal Affairs Department and the Tribal Welfare Department run in 89 adivasi blocks and 224 general blocks of the state in the department. The module for teacher profile registration, registration of the personal details of the teacher and merger of teacher cadre working in the departmental institutes in the Tribal Affairs Department has been made online under the Human Resources Management Information System. In addition to this, the process of merger in the department under the provisions given in the the Madhya Pradesh Tribal and Scheduled Caste Teachers Cadre (Service and Recruitment) Rules, 2018 has been made online. The Teacher Profile Registration ( module has been made online. This will enable the process of merger to simple, smooth and fast.