Concession on higher education fees for kids of registered unorganized workers

Bhopal. The process of registration of workers in the state is in progress under the Madhya Pradesh Unorganized Workers Act 2003. So far, applications of about 2 crore 6 lakh applicants have been received. Children of these labourers will be exempted from academic fees on admission in regular undergraduate and postgraduate courses, of government colleges / non-government grant colleges. The Higher Education Department has issued circulars to all the principals in this regard.

Children of unorganized workers will also be considered eligible in the Vikramaditya education scheme implemented by the Higher Education Department. After April 1, 2018, students belonging to this category will be eligible for exemption from academic fee if they take admission in these colleges. Students will have to fill their application online at for admission. The category of unorganized workers registered on this e-portal is also being included. Students will be able to register the registration number of their unorganized worker parents.

The student will have to present his other documents for verification in the college at the time of admission. Their unorganized worker registration number will also be verified at the same time. The verification will be done when the student presents his parents’ worker registration card. Alternatively, it can be verified by the Labour Department's portal There will be no compulsion to submit the registration card. When applying online, opportunity will be given to correct the student's registration error during admission. After verification of registration, the student will be eligible for exemption from academic fee.

Higher education department has clarified that apart from the eligibility of being children (son or daughter) of registered unorganized labourers, no other entitlement (income, caste etc.) will be binding to avail the scheme. The Principal will not take any fee from the students for admission. The admission offer is issued to the student through the portal. The student is provided admission in the college after he gives approval of the offer.

After completion of the entire admission process, the concerned principal will be able to draw the amount of education fee for the students of this class from the state budget. The withdrawal of funds should be done immediately after September 15. It will be the concerned principal's responsibility to propagate the scheme and inform the newly enrolled students about the scheme.