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Development Vision-2023 of State is ready

Bhopal. There is a dream and resolution to make Madhya Pradesh the best state in the world. Development Vision-2023 is ready. Special efforts are being made in education and health sector. Innovative efforts will also be made for quality education. The state's agricultural growth rate has increased from 2 per cent to 29 per cent. Over the last five years, it has been 20 percent. CM Chouhan was addressing 'Madhya Pradesh: Kal-Aaj-Kal' programme on the occasion of Excellence Award-2017 distribution ceremony organized by a private channel today. Minister for Public Relations and Water Resources Dr Narottam Mishra was also present on this occasion. The Chief Minister awarded 15 winners in various categories in the programme.

Shri Chouhan said that awarding those who work for the betterment in the society is a successful attempt to give direction to the society. Chouhan said that growth rate of Madhya Pradesh was negative 12 years ago. The annual budget was just Rs 21, 000 crores, and out of it only Rs 5,000 crores were available for development works. Per capita income was only Rs 13,000. Today, the growth rate of Madhya Pradesh is around 10 percent for the last eight years, which is the second in the country. Out of Rs 100 of government revenue Rs 22, used to go for paying interest. Today, Rs eight are paid. Roads today are better as compared to other roads in the country and abroad. It was difficult to find road in pits at that time. Power generation was only 2,900 MW, which is now 18000 MW. The total irrigation capacity of the state was 7.57 lakh hectares, which is now 40 lakh hectare. It is increasing at a rate of five lakh hectare every year. River linking was not imagined then Narmada and Kshipra river have been linked. Work is on progress to link Gambhir river.

 Mentioning the efforts of women empowerment, he said that the government is working considering daughter as goddess in the state. At the beginning of government programmes, he himself wash daughters' feet. It is an attempt to give the message that daughters are Goddess. As many as 26 lakh daughters of the state are 'Lakhpati'. When they will attain 21 years of age, Rs 32,000 crores will be deposited in their bank account from government treasury. There are 56 percent female public representatives in local bodies' elections. This has been possible by the government decision to provide 50 percent reservation in local bodies. The government has made provision for 50 percent on teachers' post, 33 percent reservation on the posts of all government departments including police and excluding forests.

On poor welfare agenda, he said that benefit of progress reaches to last man is a real sense of the development. The government has made full effort for social justice. Cheaper food, free treatment and legal right for piece of land for residence have been given. Seven new medical colleges are being opened in health sector. More hospitals will be if doctors are more. Mobile clinics equipped with all medical facilities are reaching in the areas where hospitals are not available. Referring his heartily relations with children, he said that efforts were made so that lack of money does not become obstacle in the way of talent. Opportunities were provided to talented students for higher education through Mukhyamantri Medhavi Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana. Works for welfare of every section were done. Along with providing full help to farmers, Krishak Udyami Yojana is under execution for their children so that pressure of employment on agriculture could be reduced. Value addition can be made to agriculture sector. Quoting efforts for self employment to youth and entrepreneurship, he said that venture capital fund of Rs 100 crore has been set up. All possible facilities are being availed to materialise dream of youths. Recalling the system of minimum payment to teachers, he said that education creates future generation. It is very necessary to impart better training and respectable salary to teachers. The government has made meaningful efforts in this regard. Today, teachers are getting Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 per month.

 Sharing his future plans, Chouhan said that we are working on setting up schools with all facilities for quality education in rural areas. Three to four thousands children of villages of ten-twelve kilometer radius will get quality education in these schools. Pick and drop vehicle will be available. He clarified that present schools won't be closed. It is under consideration to open new schools on demand as pilot project in the areas. Companies like TCS, Infosys and investors have been invited to the state in order to provide more employment opportunities to the youth. Schemes have been operated to make the youth entrepreneur. Works are being carried out to make cities clean and full with basic amenities. In cleanliness survey 22 cities of Madhya Pradesh have been included in top 100 cities in the country. He said that the government is also making efforts for spiritual progress as well as for materialistic development. Ekatma Yatra will be taken out in this regard.