Election manifesto to be submitted to Chief Electoral Officer within 3 days

Bhopal. The Chief Electoral Officer V.L. Kanta Rao said that all the political parties are required to give election manifesto in 3 copies within 3 days from the date of issue of election manifesto to the Chief Electoral Officer. The political parties are required to present application for permission of star campaigners within 7 days from the date of issue of notification. The number of star campaigners has been fixed 40 for the recognized political parties. The number of star campaigners has been fixed 20 for other parties.

A total of 848 F.S.T. and 840 S.S.T have been formed to monitor election expenditure in the state during the Vidhan sabha election. Four hundred fifty check posts have been made at the inter state borders. S.S.T. will work to check vehicles on the roads. F.S.T. is flying squad, which will work in the supervision of Executive Magistrate and will take action on getting information about illegal activities. The Video Surveillance teams will do recording of meetings and rallies in the VST fixed areas.

Rao informed that after date of the model code of conduct, 59 illegal arms have been confiscated and 33 thousand arms have been deposited. 1039 non- bailable warrants have been served and prohibitory action has been taken against 1600 persons. Under the property misrepresentation, one lakh 23 thousand 165 cases have been registered. 233 cases onmisuse of vehicles have been registered. Six hundred bags with photos have been confiscated in Damoh by the flying squad by registering a case.