Entire information of Board exams available on C.M. dashboard

Bhopal. The School Education Department and Board of Secondary Education have together prepared the CM Dashboard. This dashboard has the facility to analyse the Board of Secondary Education examination results from the state to the school level. All information of boys-girls wise, section wise, government and non-government school wise has been made available on the dashboard.

About 20 lakh students appear in the Class X and Class XII board examinations organized every year by the Board of Secondary Education in Madhya Pradesh. Necessary steps are taken from time to time by the School Education Department to maintain academic quality in government schools on the basis of analysis of High School and Higher Secondary examination results.

The work of detailed study and analysis of the Board examination results was being carried out offline by the School Education Department since the last few years. Department of Public Service Management conceptualized the online CM dashboard for this work and its implementation began.

Discussion Portal - The School Education Department then formed a discussion portal to strengthen students, teachers and government schools from the academic point of view. Students are sharing their queries and problems and finding solutions through the portal.

Videos of important subjects, answer sheets of merit holders and question papers and model answers of previous years are being made to the students. These facilities are making it easier for the students to understand these topics. Innovations of teachers have also been shared on the discussion portal. Besides this, the opinions of experts related to academic field .have also been displayed on the portal. Through the discussion portal the government schools are conducting their own self-assessment every month.