EVM and VVPAT machines to ensure secretive, trustworthy and safe voting

Bhopal. VVPAT machine with EVM will be used at all the 65 thousand 367 polling booths in Vidhan Sabha Election-2018. EVM and VVPAT machines have been kept in reserve with the sector magistrate in case of immediate replacement of faulty machines.

Before conducting the real voting, mock poll will be conducted by pressing the button in front of the name of the contestants including NOTA. The mock poll certificate will be issued after getting the mock poll slip sealed in the black envelope and kept in the plastic box sealed with pink paper.

In case of non-working or discharge of VVPAT battery then machine will be stopped and new battery will be installed. If machine faces printer problem then machine will be stopped and replaced by the reserve VVPAT.

All the votes casted by the voters and VVPAT slips are fully secured in the control unit and drop box. All the votes casted earlier in the machine are fully secured and remain secret in case of non-functioning of machine.