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Farmers up to 5 acre holding and small traders included under Sambal Yojana

Mandla. The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan while addressing the huge public gathering at village Bhuabichhiya of Mandla district has announced that farmers up to 5 acre holding and small traders will also be included under the Sambal Yojana. He mentioned that families comprising of more than one sister and brother will also become eligible under this scheme.

80 Lakh Farmers to be benefitted - A total of 80 lakh farmers of the state, with up to 5 acre holding will be directly entitled for Mukhya Mantri Jan-Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana. It is to be highlighted that there are approximately One crore 51 lakh agriculture land holders in the state. Out of this, there are over 71 lakh agriculture land holders, who owns more than 5 acre land and 80 lakh farmers holding less than 5 acre land in the state.

Dedicates and lays foundation stone of development works costing Rs. 26 crore - The Chief Minister gave instructions that arrangement should be made to supply water from the Halon Irrigation Project to the remote areas of Bichhiya Assembly Constituency through lift irrigation system. Chouhan also dedicated and laid foundation stone of development works costing Rs. 26 crore for Bichhiya Assembly constituency.


Apprising about the public welfare schemes, CM stated that proper rehabilitation will be ensured for Birsa village, which is coming under the submergence area of the Halon Irrigation Project. A national highway by-pass road will be constructed in Bichhiya. He urged people to come forward with authority to avail benefits of the schemes.