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High Standard Cancer Institute to be opened at Jabalpur

Jabalpur. The High Standard State Cancer Institute will be opened at Jabalpur. These kinds of institutes are being opened at 20 places of the country and Jabalpur is one of them.

The institute costing Rs. 120 crore will receive 75 percent contribution from the Union Government and will have state contribution of 25 percent. Under this ambitious project, about 70 percent of the building construction work has been completed. Necessary posts besides super specialists have been created for the institute by the government for cancer treatment. Along with the facility of linear accelerator, all other advance equipments are being made available in the institute and other essential facilities.

The center will house 100 bed hospital along with the high standard laboratory to facilitate patients with medical tests and treatment. Cancer treatment is conducted by 3 methods, i.e. surgery, medicines and radiation therapy. Patients are required to take medicine and chemotherapy treatment for a long time and due to various reasons patients do not get effectual treatment due to the non-availability of medicines and radiation therapy facility. This center will ensure availability of medicines and radiation therapy for regular treatment of cancer patients.

Besides providing medical treatment to patients, the centre will give training to medical and health workers to identify initial symptoms of different types of cancer and its proper treatment. Along with this, the centre will conduct screening of cancer also. Moreover, the centre will organize camps to conduct cancer screening and will spread awareness among the people towards cancer by establishing necessary coordination with the district hospitals of the state.