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Hostels teach art to live together

Bhopal. Minister for Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawayya said that civilisation changes as per the era but not culture. Gurukul tradition exists in India since ancient time. Hostels have taken its place today. Discilplinary life of hostels gives a feeling of joy. Pawayya was dedicating the 100 seater Boys hostel at Uchcha Shiksha Utkrashtta Sansthan. He also inaugurated Central Lab equipped with 56 computers located at the Academic building on this occasion.

He stated that life becomes balanced by doing routine works under the fixed norms while dwelling in hostels. Along with this, it gives an opportunity to link with social concerns. Today people are leading lonely life, wheras hostels teach art to live together.

Moreover, Pawayya said that students should be aware of social sites, they are making people unsocial. He mentioned that education makes people literate and learning provides knowledge, culture and skills. Learning transform people into complete human. He urged students to read past, create present and move ahead. He further mentioned that students must have craving to come at the top. This thought is must in their life that whatever they do will take them to the top and will script a new chapter. Pawayya said that quailty, excellence and trust in institution reflects from students. He also told Professors that they should deliver better result in the stipulated time by discharging their duties. Resources could be provided by the governmnet but not loyalty, he added.

Moreover, he said that several innovations have been undertaken in the Higher Education field by the State Government. He mentioned that 3 thousand Assistant Professors are being recruited. Semester sytem has been abolished. Indian attire has been included in convocation ceremony. National Flag hoisting and to put up portraits of Swami Vivekanand besides other great personalities have been made mandatory in the colleges.

MLA Rameshwar Sharma said that the Sansathan has groomed good students, while working in different sectors students facilitate category of excellence to college. He emphasised to ensure participation of students in programmes of the institution. He urged the students that they must fulfill dreams of their parents.The Director of the Institute M.L. Nath accorded welcome. Additional Chief Secretary Higher Education B. R. Naidu was also present on the occasion.