Implementation of Saral Bijli and CM’s Power Bill Surcharge Waiver Scheme

Bhopal. Camps are being organised by all the three power distribution companies to make benefits 'Saral Bijli Bill' and 'Chief Minister’s Electricity Bill Surcharge Waiver Scheme -2018' easily available to the beneficiaries. Camps are being organized by the East, Central and Western Region Electricity Distribution Companies in their respective areas. All the camps will be held till July 10. Information about both the schemes are being given to the consumers in the pre-registration camps being organized before the registration camps to be held in July. Applications are also being taken at the camp from the beneficiaries of both the schemes. East, Central and Western Region Electricity Distribution Company has requested all beneficiaries who have the eligibility to join both schemes in their respective areas, to take advantage of the camps and submit the application form for joining the scheme.

All the distribution companies have told the officials to note the mobile numbers of all beneficiaries of the benefits 'Saral Bijli Bill' and 'Chief Minister’s Electricity Bill Surcharge Waiver Scheme -2018' while getting their application forms filled so that important notices can be sent to them via SMS. Applications are being taken by the consumers to join both the schemes. The acknowledgment of the application form is also being given to every consumer. The original payment amount and outstanding bill waiver amount will be clearly mentioned in the payment of eligible beneficiaries of Chief Minister's Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme. Also, the payment of Saral Bijli Bill” will clearly mention the actual amount and the amount of subsidy.

Extensive training is being given to the line staff right from the Junior Engineer and Assistant Engineer to the Executive Engineers for the successful implementation of the Saral Bijli Bill and Chief Minister’s Electricity Bill Surcharge Waiver Scheme. All efforts are being made to make benefits of the scheme easily available to the consumers. Consumers will be given information through SMS after entry in the billing system within 2-3 days where the applications are being taken offline. Distribution companies have told the Regional Engineer and personnel to launch a drive to make information about the camps being held in their respective regions to provide information of the two schemes to the beneficiaries who are eligible for joining the two schemes.