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Increase in people's interest in knowledge tourism in MP

In this era of science and technology, people's interest and inclination towards knowledge tourism is increasing. To promote knowledge tourism, short films should be shot after getting research-based material prepared through experts. 
Tourist destinations and cities should be kept clean to attract foreign tourists. This was stated by writer and photographer Sangeet Verma at 'Dialogue on Parmar-era Architecture' here today. 
During discussions on Bhoal in very interesting and enriching session, he said that it is due to architecture that Bhopal's Upper Lake is intact even after 1000 years. Discussing Raja Bhoj's 'Samrangan Sutradhar', he informed that his planning of Bhopal city is very unique. It has 16 divisions, 6 roads, 9 crossings and Raj Mahal (Maharathya). 
Attention was also paid to timing and area for establishment of Bhopal city. These are not separate, but one. Under 'Lecture Series on Madhya Pradesh's Tourism History' marking Tourism Year 2016 organised by Bhopal Municipal Corporation, Sangeet Verma informed about Parmar Kings' rule over central India and brief history. 
Verma also discussed tourism possibilities pertaining to Parmar architecture. Regarding Parmar Rulers' architecture, he gave a detailed account of pre-Bhojpal Nagar structures, construction of Bhim Kund, Bhojtal and Kaliyasot lakes, conceptualization of Bhojal city, construction of Bhojpur temple, underwater structures of Bhojtal, Sabha Mandal and Dhara Nagri (Dhar). The lecture series will be held every month throughout Tourism Year.