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International Yoga Day to be held all over the state on June 21

Bhopal. The fourth International Yoga Day will be observed in Madhya Pradesh on June 21. Various programmes will be organized on Yoga Day. Detailed instructions have been issued to district collectors by the Directorate of Public Instructions for better arrangements for the Yoga Day programme.

Amendment has been made in the timings of the programme to be held on Yoga Day. The participants in the Yoga day programme will now have to be present at 6 am. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take part in the Mass Yoga Programme in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun on the fourth Yoga Day on June 21. The programme will be telecast live all over the country. The Prime Minister’s message during the Mass Yoga programme will be telecast on Doordarshan from 6.40 am to 7 am. Keeping this in mind, the programme scheduled earlier has been changed. District Collectors have been told to make arrangements according to the revised programme.

Revised programme on Yoga day


Presence of all participants

6 am onwards

Arrival of guests on stage

6.10 am

National song Vande Mataram

6.10 am to 6.12 am

Welcome of guests on stage

6.13 am. to 6.18 am

Address of guests

6.18 am to 6.40 am

Prime Minister’s address

6.40 am to 7 am

General Yoga practise

From 7 am till the end of the programme

The Prime Minister’s address will be telecast on LED for the participants at the programme venues.