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Laptops to students who score more than 75 percent also

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that laptops will be given to all students who obtain more than 75 percent marks. He was addressing the counseling session of second phase of “Mukhya Mantri Career Counselling initiative- Hum Chhoo Lenge Aasman”. This special event was organized to give career guidance to the students who got less than 70 percent under the joint aegis of School Education, Higher Education, Tribal Welfare, Technical Education and Skill Development Departments. Students heard the Chief Minister’s message transmitted live through Doordarshan and Akashvani and also asked career related questions through Akashvani's phone-in programme. The Chief Minister answered the questions of the students as a sensitive guardian.

The Chief Minister said that career counselling centres will be started in the Utkrisht Vidyalayas in every district. In case the counselling session ends and any student still needs counselling, he/she can obtain guidance at these centres.

The Chief Minister said that there is no need to panic or be disappointed due to less marks. New options have come up in career. There is need for skilled human resources in every sector. He called upon the students to respect their parents, teachers and guides. Continue to read the topic which you feel happy to read, enjoy. Choose the career that is close to your mind. He said that first decide the goal. Then make a clean roadmap and work hard on the roadmap. You will surely succeed.

Citing examples of great personalities like Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahakavi Kalidas, Tulsidas, Swami Vivekanand, George Washington, the Chief Minister said that despite getting less marks in their examinations they have done great work in their lives. Their works are remembered by the world. These personalities are source of inspiration for several generations.

Chouhan said that there should be the desire to achieve something for success. He said that it is quite difficult for students passing out of 10th and 12th to choose subjects and career to move on in life. They need proper guidance hence career guidance arrangement has been made. Career guidance is available at every district and block level. He urged the students to go to career guides, hold discussions with them and tell them their interests. They should seek guidance for their future and then decided on their path.

Government to pay fees of talented poor students - Chouhan informed that all arrangements for paying the fees of higher education of children who come from economically weaker families have been made by the state government under the Mukhya Mantri Jan Kalyan Yojana. He said that lack of funds and inconveniences will not hinder the education of the poor children. The sky is the limit for every child. God has given all the children equal intelligence. Children have to learn to use their intelligence better and at the appropriate time. Every student has to move forward. He said that one must score good marks in the exam but only numbers is not enough. Even a good cricket player gets runs out at times. No one is less capable than the other. Every student is unique. The student has to move ahead to be victorious. Every student is the future of Madhya Pradesh and it is the state government’s responsibility to uphold them. The government wants that students should become employers and not one who seek employment.

Arrangement will be made for guidance to join Army - Chief Minister Chouhan answered the career related questions of the children across the state through the phone-in programme. Responding to the question related to seeking appropriate guidance for recruitment in the Army and getting jobs in the Army, the Chief Minister said that arrangement of an institute will be made soon for necessary preparation and guidance of the children who want to go to the army. In response to another question, the Chief Minister said that as per the requirement agriculture colleges will be opened soon. In response to a query related to pursuing a career in sports along with academics, the Chief Minister said that coordination must be maintained between academics and sports. Special facilities have been given to children for excellence in sports. They will be provided opportunities for government jobs.

Talking about the career counselling initiative, Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education Sudhi Ranjan Mohanty said that the step has been taken on the Chief Minister’s special initiative. He told that the counselling of students obtaining more than 70 percent marks was held from May 21 to May 31. More than one lakh students took part and sought guidance. The second phase has been organised from June 8 to 15 for which 1850 career counsellors have been specially invited. Principal Secretaries of various related department were present on the occasion.