Legal Provision to be Made for Minimum Water Flow of Narmada River

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Narmada Seva Action Plan will be issued by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 15. Legal provision will be made for minimum water flow. CM Chouhan was addressing the concluding session of River, Water and Environmnet Conservation Manthan here today. Minister for Forest Dr. Gourishankar Shejwar, Water/Environment Expert ‘Waterman of India’ Dr. Rajendra Singh, Judicial Member of National Green Tribunal Dalip Singh and Chief Secretary B.P. Singh were also present in the session.

Chouhan mentioned that drip and sprinkler system will be encouraged in the state in order to use less water for more irrigation and irrigation system through canals will be stopped. Atleast one water body will be constructed in each panchayat of the state. A proposal will be forwarded to all civic bodies situated on the banks of River Narmada to stop releasing sewerage. Panchayats will be strengthened to enbale them to manage water accumulation area and treatment of sewerage at their own level. Besides palnatation, grass and shrubs will also be planted for conservation of Narmada banks and to protect erosion. Cultural and Economic areas will be developed in Narmada basin which will have clear provisions for encourageable, controlable and restricted activities. Boundaries will be determined after carrying out the clear demarcation of Narmada river area. Moreover, a baseline data will be prepared for effective monitoring of the programme.

Eco-Tourism and river tourism will be be encouraged. Legal mining will be regularised in scientific manner. A policy towards zero discharge of polluted material from industries and local bodies to river will be framed. Area of organic farming will be expanded. Also grant will be provided for organic farming and organic fertliser will be standardised. Silent and meditation zones will be developed on Narmada banks. GIS mapping of all the pollotution sources will be made. River zone and flood zone will be identified. No mining will be allowed in Amarkantak area. Conservation of Narmada river will be considered in master plan of Narmada banks. Moreover a committee will be constituted to ensure implementation of Living Entity Status Act made for Narmada river.

Presentations were given by various groups in the workshop. Additional Chief Secretary R.S. Julaniya gave presentation of groups formed to deliberate on action plan and implementation of Narmada Seva Mission’s policies. This group has put forwarded a suggestion for plantation of natural species plants on Narmada banks, to work on effeciency of water utilisation, decrease in use of chemical fertlisers, to prepare a mining policy on scientific basis and to aware children towards river and water conservation. In context to Narmada river, a presentation of group formed on subject Environment Conservation

and Food Security was given by the Principal Secretary Dr. Rajesh Rajora. The group suggested for constant vigil and monoitoring of water quality, inclusion of works related to river conservation in developmentt schemes, encouragement to natural organic farming and water budgeting through community efforts. Moreover, Principal Secretary Commercial Taxes Manoj Shrivastava gave presentation of groups formed on present arrangements of Narmada Seva Mission, suggestions regarding prevalent Acts and role of society. The group gave suggestions to make a special Act for Narmada river system, establishment of Narmada Lokpal, to provide living entity to tributary rivers of Narmada river, establishment of Narmada Fund and for developing silent and meditation zones on Narmada banks.

Furthermore, presentation of group formed on present conservation condition of Narmada river beside its tributary rivers was given by the Additional Chief Secretary Rajnish Vaishya. This group gave suggestions for GIS mapping of polluting sources, bio-diversity and socail survey, mining mangement and on industrial discharge and soild waste management.

A.K. Gosai gave presentation of group formed on the subject economic dependency on Narmada river and present condition of river resources utilisation. The group has suggested calculation of importance of ecological contributuion of river, assesment on impact of economic contribution of river, effects of mining on river and to assess the effeciency of irrigation from river.

Bhopal. Chief Minister Chouhan released film made by Amritlal Baigad focussing Narmada yatra and two films made by Bio-Diversity Board. He also dediacted a report of programme orgaised on the occasion of World Water Day.

Prominent personalities like Water Expert Dr. Shashank Shekhar of Delhi University, Minakshi Arora of Council hindi.indiawater portal, Hemant Dhyani of Ganga Abhiyan, Prof. Of I.I.T. Delhi A.K.Gosai, Manu Bhatnagar of INTECH New Delhi, Wild Life Expert Manoj Mishra, Sunil Chowdhary of Botany department –Bhagalpur University of Bihar, Scientist Dr. S.D. Atri of India Metreology department, Weather Expert Ajit Tyagi, Traditional Water and Evironement Resource Expert Dr. Sanjay Singh and Water Conservation and Rural Development Expert Sunil Chaturvedi participated in group deliberations held on prepartion of strategy, problems related to conservation beside other subjects and praised the initiative of the state governmnet for river, water and environment conservation.