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Madhya Pradesh to receive award in PM’s Safe Motherhood Campaign

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh will be rewarded for reducing maternal mortality under Prime Minister's Safe Motherhood Campaign. For this, Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, Jagat Prakash Nadda has written a letter to the Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare of Madhya Pradesh, Rustam Singh, inviting him for the award ceremony to be held on June 29. Union Minister Nadda has congratulated the Health Department of Madhya Pradesh and Health Minister Singh also for this. The Prime Minister’s Safe Motherhood Campaign has been launched to ensure quality of care of over 3 crore pregnant women of the country before delivery.

Efforts being made by the state government to reduce mortality rate in the state are now bearing fruit. An unprecedented 48-digit decline in maternal deaths in Madhya Pradesh has been registered by the office of the Registrar General of India 2014 to 2016 in a special bulletin. The maternal mortality rate was 221 in the year 2011-13, which has now dropped down further to just 173. There has been a significant decline of 22% in the last three years in the state.

The results of the various awareness programmes like institutional delivery, ANM, Anganwadi workers, knock-out campaigns etc. have now started showing. This decline will be more obvious in the coming years. Effective efforts are being made from health institution level to community level. People have been made aware that soon after getting pregnant, the pregnant woman should be registered in the health center soon. This will make it easier to control complications besides ensuring essential tests, immunization and treatment of anaemia before delivery.

Efforts are being made to ensure regular check up of women with possibilities of high risk delivery and ensure their safe delivery. Iron tablets are being administered to pregnant women with anaemia and iron injections are also being administered in government health institutions in case of excessive deficiency of iron. Blood is also being given to pregnant women when needed. Health services are being regularly surveyed. Nursing mentors have been deployed with the objective of improving quality of nursing service in health institutions.