Mission One Click for 30 types of scholarship

Bhopal. School Education Department has been made nodal department for online distribution of 30 types of scholarship of 8 Government departments of the state through Samagra Education Portal. In this system, the profiles of one crore 48 lakh students of all government and private educational institutions of the state have now become online. On this basis the distribution of scholarships has been ensured.

For this the online system of taking classwise and schoolwise nomination through “Samagra Shiksha Portal” National Information Centre (NIC) has been prepared after mapping with their school dice code based on the Samagra Unique I.D. of students of each school. In the student’s profile, each student’s caste, parents’ profession, annual income of family, BPL status, hostel status and previous year’s exam result of the student is included in the portal.


Due to online student wise and class wise nomination by the School Education Department and their profile being digitalized, the implementation of other schemes of the department apart from scholarship distribution of students has also been made online. Forwarding the initiative of direct benefit, all students from Class 1 to Class 12 have been sent the funds for 30 kinds of scholarships, cycle distribution, uniform and laptops etc. directly in their accounts.

With this process becoming effective, the amount of scholarship is now being made available to students. The role of mediators has also stopped. With a Unique of I.D of every student in Mission One Click, double entry and duplication of scholarships has come to an end. Earlier, there were complaints of irregularities in scholarships and the same student taking admission in two different educational institutions. Now scholarship distribution is being linked to Aadhar.