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Chemotherapy unit installed in all government district hospitals

Bhopal. Cancer chemotherapy unit has been set up in district hospitals of all 51 districts of State. This has been carried out under cancer care program in the state. Now, free cancer treatment has been made available to cancer patients in all district hospitals. One doctor and 2 staff nurses have been trained for the unit. Cancer treatment experts and cancer drugs are available in every district. Beds have been reserved for cancer care in district hospitals. Follow-up treatment is being provided by trained doctors as per the cancer chemotherapy protocol. Guidance for referring cancer patient to tertiary cancer hospital for treatment, surgery and radio therapy and palliative care etc services are being provided to serious patients. Palliative care centre has been set up in District Hospital, Ujjain. Free investigation is being given to cancer patients in district hospitals as per the need through outsource agencies.  Knowledge of trained doctors and staff nurses is being enhanced through continue medical education. Proper treatment and consultation is being given to cancer patients at district level from experts through tele-medicine.