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Improvement in Air Quality of Bhanpur Trenching Ground

Bhopal. Constant monitoring of air quality is being made at 9 places in the vicinity of Bhanpur trenching ground by the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board. It may be mentioned that the level of RSPM was found as 307 to 367 microgram/square meter, higher than the standard norm of 100 microgram/square meter on January 30. A significant improvement has been recorded in the level now.

Principal Secretary cum Chairman of Pollution Control Board, Anupam Rajan has informed that the results obtained on February 5, 2018 from the 9 places in the vicinity of Bhanpur trenching ground are of medium level according to the air quality index of Central Pollution Control Board. The level of air quality level was found 124.33 at Damkheda on February 5. Similarly, the air quality level of Khejda, Bhanpur, Coach factory, Karariya, Kolua, Minal, Ayodhya Nagar and Karond was 117.48, 162.23,178.41,154.92,155.22, 133.87, 128.30 and 169.77 respectively.

Rajan further informed that the pollution is being monitored 24 hours daily in 3 shifts by making monitoring centers at all the 9 places. Level of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide gas is being monitored in every 4 hours. Pollution caused by the fire is almost come to an end, due to constant spraying of water to control the fire. At present, air level is affected by the vehicles, sound, daily chores and others.

Chief Scientist Officer Dr. Rita Kori said that the board is examining the P.M. (Particulate matter) of 2.5 microgram and 10 microgram size by filtering. The small PM of 2.5 microgram size has been controlled especially because it has capacity to reach the lungs.