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Number of School dropout children declines

Bhopal. Constant efforts are being made in the state to increase rate of enrollment in schools of the state. In order to achieve this objective, public participation has been enhanced under the School Chalein Hum Abhiyan. It may be highlighted that between the period 2002 and 2016-17, the number of school dropout children between 6 to 14 years of age category has come down from 6.2 lakh to 0.58 lakh. The school dropout rate (Primary) has declined to 4.9 from 15 during the year 2002 to 2016 -17. In the same manner, the school dropout rate in middle schools has become 6.7 from 24.7. Moreover, the decline at secondary schools level school dropout rate has also registered, the dropout rate has come down to 14.5 from 32.