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Votes to be confirmed by VVPAT Slip

Bhopal. VVPAT machines will be used with EVMs at all the polling booths in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Election-2018. VVPAT machine will display slip for 7 seconds after pressing the button of EVM against the name of the contestant of the voters’ liking. This will indicate contestant’s name, number and election symbol, which will help voter to confirm that his/her vote goes got the right contestant. The slip will fall in the drop box of VVPAT with a beep ensuring vote has been registered.
In case the button pressed in the ballot unit does not match with the election symbol of ballot slip of VVPAT, then presiding officer will be informed by the voter. The presiding officer will receive declaration from the voter in the prescribed format and will apprise him/her with legal provision. Moreover, the presiding officer will intimate the voter a warning for imprisonment of 6 months and fine up to Rs. One thousand or both in case of false declaration. After the written declaration of the voter, the presiding officer will examine the VVPAT slip in presence of the contestant or polling agent and will give permission to the voter to cast one test vote in machine.