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Narmada will reach 400 metres above to activate four river basins

Bhopal. The first of its kind experiment is being made Madhya Pradesh for inter-basin use of river water. Narmada river will reach Malwa region on 400 metre above its height from its flowing level to activate four rivers of the region. No such experiment for inter-basin use of river has been done so far. Noteworthy is that Narmada water dispute redressal tribunal gave its consent to inter-basin use of Narmada water in the decade of 1970 on the demand of Madhya Pradesh. Nothing can be done in this regard for long time due to complexity of inter-basin use of Narmada water. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's approach to solve the rising water crisis of Malwa region in the state led the ways for this experiment having complex works.

From its flowing base, Narmada water will reach to basin of Gambhir, Kalisindh, Parvati and Kshipra rivers of Malwa region, 400 metre above its surface level thanks to unmatched combination of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Narmada-Malwa Gambhir link project, launched to provide 200 million cubic metre water of Narmada to Gambhir river is on the verge of completion. This will provide irrigation to 50 thousand hectare area of 158 villages of Indore and Ujjain districts. Execution on the scheme for sending 333 million cubic metre water of Narmada to Parvati basin is ready. This will irrigate one lakh hectare land of 187 villages of Sehore district. In the second phase of the project, one lakh hectare land of 182 villages of Sehore and Shajapur district.

Narmada will provide irrigation capacity to 2.30 lakh hectare area of Dewas, Shajapur, Sehore, Rajgarh and Ujjain districts by reaching in Kalisindh  and Kshipra basins. The projects for inter-basin use of Narmada water will attract studies from engineers and project makers across the country.