Need for making Panchayats grants rational

New Delhi. Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Gopal Bhargava has urged the Central Government to rationalise the grants given to Panchayats. He said that by doing so, small panchayats will get more funds for infrastructure construction. In context to Madhya Pradesh, Bhargava was holding discussions in the national conference on panchayati raj system held in New Delhi. Union Minister for Panchayati Raj and Rural Development, Narendra Singh Tomar chaired the conference.

Panchayat and Rural Development ministers of different states and chairmen of states' finance commission attended the conference. The main purpose of the conference was to set up the effective criteria for standard and distribution of grants to the states after the collection of revenue by the Central Government.

It was informed in the National Conference that the 15th Finance Commission has been constituted by the Government of India. Recommendations of the commission will be implemented from 2020. It was informed in the conference that a provision for Rs. 12200 crore as actual grant and Rs 1355 crore as performance grant has been made for Madhya Pradesh in the 14th finance commission. This amount will be directly spent by the Gram Panchayats.