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Next year campaign to revive all rivers of state to be launched

Bhopal. Narmada Seva Yatra has turned into a social movement. Narmada Seva is life’s mission and not a political ritual. He said that it is the duty of every citizen to save rivers, environment and water. Both government and the society will have to work simultaneously in this work. From next year onwards campaign to save all rivers will be launched. If the society starts working towards conservation of rivers, it will bring positive results. He said that it is time to wake up now and not to sleep. If people are self-inspired to save rivers, it will not take much time to fulfil the target. He said that it is better to focus on one’s duties rather than condemn those countries that are harming the environment. Shivraj Singh Chouhan was addressing the inaugural brainstorming session on River, Water and Environment Conservation at the Academy of Administration here today. This brainstorming session has been organised by the Environment Planning and Coordination Organisation and Jan Abhiyan Parishad in which experts connected with water conservation are taking part. Forest Minister Dr. Gauri Shankar Shejwar, Additional Chief Secretary Forest Deepak Khandekar, Narmada connoisseur Amritlal Begad and Water Conservation expert were present at the inaugural session.

Giving the outline of the future work plan under the Narmada Seva Mission Chouhan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release this on May 15 at Amarkantak. He said that Maa Narmada is eternal and those who damage her would be punished. Narmadaji is now a living entity. All work will now be undertaken to stop pollution and enhance greenery to revive Maa Narmada. Massive tree plantation is being organised on both the banks of the river Narmada on July 2. The flow of water in the Narmada will be increased. He said that now the society has accepted that it is essential to save the life of river who are life-givers. Unjustified exploitation of natural resources is not correct. Government and society will have to work unitedly.

Campaign to revive every small river must - Union Minister of State for Forest and Environment Anil Madhav Dave said that Madhya Pradesh will set an example of river and water conservation in the entire country. He said that if the mountains, jungles and environment is not saved, the Narmada river will turn into a Cricket ground. He said that there is nothing in life other than Narmada. He said that there should be campaigns to revive every small river. He said that the Ganga is the river that quenches thirst. There is need to save rivers, ponds and puddles that flow near villages. There is need to enrich the basin of Narmada river. Society can undertake this task on its own with government support also. There is need to continue work on revival of water resources in about one lakh km Catchment Area. He said that focus on natural farming is essential to keep water resources and river pollution-free. Chemical-free farming is must for protection of health.

National Green Tribunal Judicial Member Justice Daleep Singh expressed the hopes that it is clear from the attachment of the state government and Chief Minister towards Narmada river that the Narmada Seva Mission will definitely be a success.

CM honours Neer, Nari and Nadi (Water, Women and River) - Jal Purush and Magsaysay Award winner Rajendra Singh said that the Chief Minister has done a remarkable job by connecting the government, society and seers in conservation of rivers. He said that the Madhya Pradesh has taken up all works done by seers towards river and environment conservation. He congratulated Chief Minister Chouhan and his Cabinet members and officers for this. Rajendra Singh said that Chief Minister Chouhan, through the Narmada Seva Yatra has awakened the society towards conservation of not only Narmada river but other rivers also. He said that when Neer, Nari and Nadi are honoured, only then will rivers also be honoured. He said that rivers have given direction to politics. Earlier rivers cleaned dirt now these have become goods train for carrying dirt. Rivers now want freedom. They want independent movement. He said that the Chief Minister has re-established the honour of Neer-Nadi and Nari in society. He has connected the entire society with this work and has completely assimilated the Narmada.

Rajendra Singh said that along with Narmada, other tributaries also need to be conserved. All tributaries need to be revived and people will have to connect with their heart and soul in the work. He said that the Chief Minister has made everyone devotees of Narmada with his attitude.

Cine actor Jackie Shroff said that taking into account the future generation, concern for water is must. He said that the level of ground water is continually falling. Soil is being damaged, Everyone has to ponder on what kind of environment we want to leave for the future. He said that every citizen must plant saplings on special occasions and give the children the same culture. He said that the same lesson should be given in schools and colleges also and a environmentally-aware generation should be created. He said that the conservation of rivers is not a matter to be told but to be understood. He appreciated the initiative of Chief Minister  Chouhan.

Giving his presentation on Narmada Seva Yatra and outline of Narmada Seva Mission background, the Chief Secretary Basant Pratap Singh informed that now campaigns have begun in local levels to save the rivers flowing in other districts. He said that so far 78 thousand Narmada Sevaks have been registered and about 1846 Up-Yatras have been included in 148 days of Narmada Seva Yatra. He said that the tender process of sewage treatment plant has been completed and preparation to take loan from the World Bank for this purpose is also over.

Chief Minister also takes part in discussion - CM also took part in the discussion of various groups on challenges and remedies for conservation of Narmada and its tributaries, Narmada Seva Mission Workplan, Economy dependent on Narmada and the institutionalised form of Narmada Seva Mission.