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Officer-Principal to be sent outside state for training

Bhopal. In order to make excellent arrangements in Eklavya Aadarsh Awasiya Vidyalaya and progress in academic activities, officers and principals will be sent for training in states like Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and New Delhi. This decision was taken in board of directors meeting of Madhya Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential and Ashram Educational Institutions Society under the chairmanship of Tribal Affairs Minister Lal Singh Arya. Principal Secretary SN Mishra and Commissioner Deepali Rastogi were present in the meeting.

 Minister Arya approved Rs. One crore per institution for auditorium construction in 12 Eklavya Aadarsh Awasiya Vidyalaya. It includes Rs. 40 lakh from the Union Government. Students should be associated with sports and art activities. Officers should conduct inspection of Eklavya Vidyalaya constatntly. The schools with excellent performanc should be appreciated and special attention should be paid on schools having weak results.

 It was informed in the meeting that seven international level sports complexes are being designed. Facilities like Olympiad in Indore, Gymnastics in Khargone, swimming in Itarsi, Cycling in Jabalpur will be provided in them. Arya said that quality should be maintained and there should be no compromise at all. Construction works with 75 percent completion should be completed on priority basis.  Further priority should be given works with 50 percent in the next phase. Arya said that they must hold discussions with students of the residential schools about material needed by them.