Outstanding performance of MP in national level sports competition

Bhopal. Students from various schools of the state have made it among the top 3 in the National Medal Tally with their remarkable performance in the national level school sports competitions. These players have won 102 gold medals in national level sports competitions.

The School Education Department has included games in the periods held in schools compulsorily. The academies and coaching camps are working on enhancing the capacity of the students in various games as per their interest. Incentive amount is being given to players who have made the state proud in sports competitions at the national and international level. Players have been given an incentive amount of Rs 10 thousand for winning gold medal, Rs 7 thousand 500 for silver medal and Rs 5 thousand for bronze medal in national level sports competitions.

Players from various schools of the state won 102 gold medals, 93 silver and 120 bronze medals in different national competitions held at school level in the year 2017-18, and obtained the 3rd position in the national level medal tally for the first time. As many as 15 national sports competitions out of the Sports Calendar released by the School Games Federation of India have been successfully organised in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2017-18. Madhya Pradesh has been awarded by the School Games Federation of India for organising quality events.

International events organised - The School Education Department organised international competition, Asian School Hockey Championship in Madhya Pradesh for the first time in year 2017. Among the 8 participating countries were Sri Lanka, U.A.E., China, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and host India. The Indian team won in the Asian Hockey Competition.

School Olympiad - The School Olympiad was organised for the first time to bring out the hidden talents from rural areas in which athletics of games like kho-kho, kabaddi, skipping, chess and volleyball played mostly in rural areas was included. The participation of children from the state in these competitions is quite high.