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Over 50 thousand MT plastic waste burnt in cement kilns

Bhopal. In the last two years, more than 50 thousand metric tonne plastic waste has been burnt in the cement kilns situated in the state. The cement industries will burn 20 thousand metric tonne plastic waste getting through the Municipal Corporation next year. This information was given today by Principal Secretary and Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board Anupam Rajan during the review of Co-processing of Plastic Waste in all Rotary Kiln-based Cement Plants in the state.

Rajan told that about 300 metric tonne plastic waste is generated per day in the state. Out of this, about 75 metric tonne waste is seen lying in the open with the city waste which has led to a massive problem of disposal of plastic waste. The state government encourages re-use and burning plastic waste from cement kilns in the form of fuel.

Rajan told that the process of burning plastic waste in the cement kilns began in the year 2014-15 in the state. Researches conducted in the first year revealed that the gas emitting from the plastic waste burnt in the cement kilns does not have any adverse affect on the environment. Ever since, this process is being repeated. Not only the country but the entire world is concerned about the disposal of plastic waste. This time the World Environment Day was also based on “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Representatives of ACC Cement Kymore, Baila Cement Works Baila, Rewa district, J.P. Cement, Rewa, Birla Corporation, Satna, Bhilai J.P Cement, Satna, K.J.S. Cement, Maihar, Prism Cement, Satna district, Reliance Cement, Satna village, Sidhi Cement Works, Sidhi, Diamond Cement, Damoh district, Vikram Cement, Khaur, Neemuch district were present during the review meeting.