Overall development is Collective Responsibility

Sehore. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan distributed an amount of Rs. 2 crore 72 lakh through e-transfer in the bank accounts of tendu leaf collectors at the programme of Minor Forest Produce Federation held at village Chakaldi of Sehore district. On this occasion, he begun footwear distribution scheme in the entire district by helping Ramibai of village Khajuri and Kevlibai of Baniyagaon in wearing footwear and distributed sarees to them. It may be mentioned that there are 15 tendu leaf collection societies comprising of over 48 thousand collectors in the district.

CM mentioned that overall development is only possible, when all the people discharge their duties under the collective responsibility. Everyone has right over natural resources. The government is helping people for progress, who are left behind in taking benefit of this. Chouhan further mentioned that the government has started work for registration of labourers of unorganized sector at campaign level. Farmers holding 2.5 acre land have also been considered as unorganized labourer. All the eligible persons will get benefits of all the schemes after the registration.

He stated that now an amount of Rs. 4 thousand will be deposited in the bank account of woman of labourer families between 6 to 9 months of their pregnancy. Moreover, a sum of Rs. 12 thousand will be deposited after the delivery to enable them to take care of their health. He informed that an annual expenditure of Rs. 1600 crore is estimated on this scheme. Chouhan appealed that they should go to the government hospitals for deliveries and get the mother and child vaccinated necessarily.

Emphasizing on strengthening of self-help groups, he said that female members of self-help groups could give remarkable contribution to increase family income. All the possible efforts are being made by the government for strengthening of self-help groups.

Moreover, Chouhan stated that pucca houses will be made available to all the eligible houseless persons within the next 4 years. The state government is paying special attention to fulfill all basic needs like land, water, electricity etc. towards houses for poor families. he said that work to provide electricity at the flat rate to the labourers has been started from April 1.