Paid leave to workers for polling in election

Bhopal. Labour Commissioner of the state Rajesh Bahuguna has directed the managers and employers of all business, trades, industrial undertakings and other establishments to provide paid leave to all workers in all categories employed by them so as to ensure that they are able to exercise franchise in the Assembly elections -2018 conveniently and without any hindrance.

It has been clarified in the directives that if any person is employed in such work, which may cause any danger or substantial loss, then this provision will not be applicable to him, however, such persons should be given facility to exercise franchise turn-by-turn. Management should take care that this facility should be such that they can exercise their franchise.

If any employer violates the provisions of the Public Representation Act, then he will be fined up to Rs 500. Also, punitive action can be taken against him under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code. Penal action includes imprisonment up to one month or with fine or both.

It may be noted that the Election Commission of India has issued instructions mentioning Section 135-B of the People's Representation Act with the purpose of providing voting facility to the workers. It is mentioned in these instructions that it is mandatory to approve paid leave to every person employed in all businesses, trades, industrial undertakings and any other establishment in all the assembly areas of the state, whether he is a daily wage labourer or casual (emergency) labour category, who has the right to vote in the Assembly elections.

It has also been mentioned that if the worker is employed in any industry or establishment, which is outside the assembly constituency, where the general elections are taking place, even then they will be eligible for getting paid leave for voting.