Patch work of roads under performance guarantee immediately

Bhopal. The Minister for Public Works Rampal Singh gave instructions that patch work of roads under the performance guarantee must be completed by October 31. Similarly, renewal work must be completed by November 30. Singh was reviewing the road construction works at Nirman Bhavan today. The Principal Secretary Mohammad Suleman and Engineer in Chief Akhilesh Agrawal were present in the meeting.

Singh said that there should be no potholes on the roads and if it is there they should be repaired immediately. He further mentioned that damage railings of the bridges should be repaired and installed after getting it painted for visibility.

Moreover, Singh mentioned that Chief Engineers must obtain report of the works of their subordinate Executive Engineer of the district and review it daily. He said that they should conduct tour of the districts to get the works done. They should get the bhoomi poojan of approved roads performed immediately by the local public representatives.

It was informed that the online software has been prepared and daily monitoring is being conducted. Road repair works have already been started. One hundred thirty four k.m. patch work has been carried out on national highway too. The necessary amount, tar, agency and manpower etc. are available in sufficient quantity for road construction work.

Works over Rs. 1037 crore approved - A meeting of State level Tender Disposal Committee also took place under the Chairmanship of the Public Works Minister Shri Rampal Singh. A total of 34 works costing Rs. 1037 crore 12 lakh 5 thousand have been approved during the meeting. The total cost of 23 works of N.D.B. bridge is Rs. 835 crore 95 lakh 14 thousand. Similarly, Rs. 43 crore 50 lakh 25 thousand for single work of CRF, Rs. 76 crore 49 lakh 92 thousand for 6 works of road and Rs. 81 crore 16 lakh 74 thousand for 4 works of bridge have been approved in the meeting.