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Pay special attention on repair and quality of roads

Bhopal. The Minister for Public Works Rampal Singh has given instructions that special attention should be paid on repair and quality of roads during the rainy season. He gave necessary instructions to make the roads convenient for commuting during the next 3 months. Singh was reviewing the delayed projects of national highways at Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation's office. The Principal Secretary Mohammad Suleman and Managing Director of the Corporation D.P Ahuja beside other Senior Officers were present on the occasion.

The progress of Jabalpur to Hiran river N.H. 12, Sindur river up to Bareli S.H.-12, Bareli to Goharganj N.H.-12, Goharganj to Bhopal N.H.-12, Barela to Mandla S.H.-12 A and Maihar to Shahdol section S.H. 78 were reviewed in the meeting. Along with this, targets were set for the next 3 months. The contractual amount of Rs. 391.50 crore, 477.590 crore, 556.200 crore, 529.88 crore, 251.64 crore and 333 crore has been decided for these roads respectively. Works on these roads will be carried with approximately Rs. 2540 crore.

Minister instructed that contractors are supposed to get their work assessed themselves. They will have to ensure repair works constantly. Any other review and instructions in this matter is not needed. He further mentioned that repair work is a constant process. This process should continue to make the road convenient for travelling. He stated that work should not be stopped at any cost. Works will be reviewed again next month. Contractor denied any hindrance from the government level that has caused delay, when Singh enquired about it from them.