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Person has right to live in custody too

Bhopal. The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has recommended to pay Rs. 5 lakh compensation to the successors in the case of the prisoner, who committed suicide by consuming poison in custody.

The Joint Bench of the Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission Justice Narendra Kumar Jain and Member Sarabjeet Singh conducted hearing in the case of death of the prisoner Saraswati alias Sarla in jail custody. The joint bench of the Commission minutely studied all the facts produced in the case and found that the prisoner’s death has caused due to the inattentiveness of the police and officers/employees of the Jail Department, accountable for the custody. The Commission has considered the death of the prisoner as abuse of the right to live of the person and has recommended for payment of compensation of Rs. 2.50 lakh each, total Rs. 5 lakh to the sons namely Anshu age 7 years and Ayush age 4 years, residents of House No. 3, Garam Gadda, Chandbadh, Bhopal of the deceased woman prisoner Saraswati alias Sarla within one month under the Section -18 of Human Rights Protection Act-1993.

Moreover, the Commission has stated in the recommendation that training should be imparted to make the responsible Chief Agency Jail Department and employees of the Police Force sensitive to provide security to persons taken into custody, health and care according to the provisions vested in Section -55 (K) of the Code of Criminal Procedure-1973. Along with this, the Commission has also recommended to hold departmental enquiry against the employees/ officers of the Jail Department and Police Force, who are accountable for death of the prisoner by consuming poison according to the legal procedure in this case.

While sending these recommendations to the Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh-Bhopal, Additional Chief Secretary Jail and Home Department, Director General Jail and to the Director General of Police, the Commission has asked for the report by expecting action on the recommendations within one month according to the Section 18 (E) of Human Rights Protection Act -1993.