Police should endeavour to keep up faith in the people

Bhopal. Governor Anandiben Patel said at the closing ceremony of the seminar organized on the occasion of the annual National Police Training that every possible effort should be made to retain the image of the confidence of the common people in the police. Police fulfils its responsibilities whenever they have to face any challenges without any hesitation. The Governor told the police officers to vow to become soft-spoken, people-oriented, dependable and professional.

The Governor said that digital technology has given new strength to forensic science. Previously all tests, investigation, etc. had to be done physically. Digital technology has made these tasks easy. It will also provide employment opportunities to the youth. Cyber crime is not only a challenge for the privacy of the citizens of the country, but it is also a big challenge for the entire world including India in terms of national security.

She said that it is the duty of the police officers to present such concrete evidence against the criminals that it provides a strong basis for the court to give its decision fast. Police Sakhi Yojana is very beneficial to stop crimes against women. This Yojana should be considered for implementation at the national level.

Director General of Police, A.P. Maheshwari said that the police should behave well with the public so that a close relationship is established with the people. The responsibility of the police increases due to the geographical, social changes occurring in the country. Number of tourists coming from foreign countries in our country is also constantly on the rise, hence it is the responsibility of the Police to make appropriate arrangements for the safety of the tourists to maintain the country’s image across the world.