Power production from Unit III of Shri Singaji Power Project soon

Bhopal. Efforts are being made to generate maximum power from the thermal and hydro power houses of Power Generating Company in Madhya Pradesh. The company is working on a concrete action plan to generate electricity from power units in the Rabi Season. Production in company's thermal power plants in year 2016-17 has been 85.40 percent, which is the highest. In the year 2016-17, the company's hydel power plants produced 2912 million units, which was about 48 percent more than the previous year.

The Unit III of Shri Singaji Thermal Power Project unit is built on the 660 megawatt supercritical technique basis. Commercial power production will begin soon from this unit which will help in electricity supply in the Rabi season. The company will establish 2 power units of 660 megawatts based on supercritical technique in the state. In order to increase power generation, a power generating unit of 660 MW based on super critical technology will be set up by Power Generating Company in Satpura thermal power house, Sarni and Amarkantak thermal power plant. The estimated cost of each power unit is Rs 4500 crores.

The total power generation of thermal power plants of Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company has been increased by 25 percent more than last year in the year 2017-18. Total thermal and hydel power generation was 12.5 percent compared to last year.

Reduction in specific oil consumption - Due to continuous efforts for saving fuel, specific oil consumption and specific consumption of coal has decreased in year 2017-18, compared to the previous years. Specific oil consumption in year 2017-18 was 0.81 ml per unit which was less than the previous minimum consumption of the company. This is a significant achievement.

Record power production from thermal power houses - The highest power generation record of 3770 MW was established by all thermal power plants of the company at 9 am on January 9, 2018, which is presently 97.41 percent of the available thermal power capacity. This is the company’s highest MW thermal power output in one hour. On April 9, the company generated 83.26 million units of thermal power, which is the highest power generation in one day.

National award for saving energy –The Company’s Amarkantak Chachai thermal power house was given the first prize for maximum energy saving against the target in thermal power sector by the Energy Efficiency Bureau, Government of India under the first cycle of Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme through the Bureau of Energy Efficiency by the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency.

Projects under construction-TheCompanyis establishing 2 new expansion units based on the supercritical technology of 660 megawatt capacity in Shri Singaji Thermal Power Project Phase-II. The work of Unit no-III is near completion. The work of Unit IV is in progress and will be completed on time.

The investigation of waste synchronization coal mill and coal burners of Unit no-III was completed in record time of 39 months and 28 days from zero date on last April 27 which is a record in the power sector. At present preparation is on to run this unit on its full capacity so that the public can avail benefits of commercial production from the unit. The construction work of Unit no-IV is in progress so that commercial production in the unit can begin from the coming November.