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Raj Bhavans are not parallel power centres

Delhi. The Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that Raj Bhavans are not parallel power centres and advised the Governors to play the role of mentors in the development process. He was addressing the Valedictory Session of the 49th Conference of Governors 2018 in Rashtrapati Bhawan, here today, and said that India has made rapid progress in different sectors over the last seven decades. However, the last four years have witnessed the country demonstrating a new development trajectory, he added.

The Vice President advised the Governors to become catalysts of development and set examples of simplicity and promote handlooms and locally-made goods. He told the Governors “You are wise counsel, a mentor, a friend, philosopher and guide”.

The Vice President said this new development trajectory has a new momentum, new sense of purpose and a new direction. The strong political will is clearly getting translated into a number of programmes and the administrative skills of our vast, competent bureaucracy are being used to deliver results, he added.

The Vice President said what was remarkable, however, is that we are breaking new ground and development was now becoming more and more people-centred and people-driven. In fact, development has become a societal mission, he added.

The Vice President said that by maintaining a close rapport with the state government, they can exert a positive influence on the policies and programmes and guide the government. “We have an opportunity to change the course of development by focusing on inclusive and sustainable development. We should not lose this opportunity”.

The Vice President advised the Governors to highlight the sacrifices made by local freedom fighters to inspire the youth. He also wanted them to encourage people to get involved in social movements by leading and guiding.

The Vice President wanted the Governors to impress upon the State Governments to promote local languages and make them compulsory up to 10th standard. He also asked the Governors to emphasize on ending colonial practices and mindset and highlight our history, tradition, civilization and values. He wanted the Governors to encourage Yoga for physical and mental well- being.

The Vice President also advised the Governors not to air personal views, hold press conferences and post tweets on sensitive and political issues. He advised them to follow the spirit of the advice given by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to ‘Reform, Perform and Transform’.