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Rural children build ATM machine

Indore. Four students of Class 10th of Government Higher Secondary School of Excellence of Depalpur in Indore district have together built an ATM machine. The students Arjun Goyal, Deepak Katare, Vikas Goud and Vishal Kewat built the ATM machine under the guidance of the school principal and banking vocational trainer with useless material. One can both deposit and withdraw notes from the machine.

Students Vikas and Vishal told that there are two buttons in the ATM machine. When you push the green button, the money will be deposited and on pushing the red button, you can withdraw the money. Arjun Goyal and Deepak Katare told that they used speaker box to build the ATM machine. The battery of a toy vehicle run by mobile and remote has been used in this. A motor has been fixed on top and below in which a rubber has been fixed on a pen which pulls the note inside. In the lower side, the motor and pen rubber has been fixed with a wire due to which notes can be withdrawn from it.

These rural children have proved that talent does not depend on resources. These children are in search of an opportunity after which nothing can stop them from becoming successful.